Have you ever been confused by the news that your neighbor is selling their home for cash? If you’ve used to selling your home to traditional buyers, you might be unfamiliar with the workings of cash buyers. Here are a few details to clarify what it means when a homeowner sells their home for cash.

Traditional Buyers vs. Cash Buyers

Traditional buyers are usually homeowners who work with the help of a real estate agent to purchase a new home. For this reason, traditional buyers usually aren’t super familiar with homebuying processes and often don’t purchase homes with their own money. Sure, they’ll use some of their savings for closing costs and down payments, but they’ll be reliant upon a lender or bank to give them a mortgage so they can purchase your home. For these reasons, traditional buyers can be a bit complicated to sell to. Cash buyers, on the other hand, purchase homes for cash with their own funds. They usually don’t use real estate agents, and as a result, don’t charge commission costs.

Why Sell for Cash?

Cash buyers are much more consistent and dependable in the buying process. Since they’re using their own funds to purchase your house, you’ll be able to trust that you’ll receive 100% of the cash payment that you were offered. Traditional buyers might back out of your deal if they can’t receive sufficient help from a bank, ruining your home sale. Many cash buyers, such as cash home buying companies, will also purchase your house as-is without requiring you to make repairs or inspections. This will save you months of effort and thousands of dollars. 

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in selling your home quickly and easily to a cash buyer, you can get started by contacting a cash buyer via their website or phone number. Contact your cash buyer and ask them to calculate a cash offer for you. They will probably ask you for some information to help them in that process. For example, they might ask you where you live, what condition your house is in, how big your house is, etc. They’ll then use that information along with comparable house pricing to calculate your personalized cash offer. You should receive your no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with the inconsistencies of traditional buyers and the surprise costs of real estate agents, remember to sell your house for cash. Cash buyers can purchase your home quickly and easily without any traditional delays. You’ll get the money you deserve and save tens of thousands of dollars when you sell your house for cash.

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